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Strength Outside the Box, hosted by Amy Hester and Lauren Corl, is all about two girls getting to the heart of how a community of CrossFit athletes is changing each other's lives one WOD at a time, while digging deep to understand how the lessons learned within the gym can provide strength for obstacles outside the box.

Grab a cup of coffee and get ready to make two new gym besties as they chat with members of their own gym, neighboring gyms, and beyond. With each interview comes more laughter and a true sense of community, family, and what it means to have strength outside the box.

Apr 7, 2019

This week we are chatting with the one and only Miranda Alcarez - the original CrossFit "It Girl" and owner of Street Parking with her husband Julian (P.S. We are SO sorry we pronounced his name wrong in the beginning of the episode!). We discuss how she got her start at CrossFit HQ all those years ago and what that experience was like. Then we talk about the origin of Street Parking and pick her brain on the importance of finding personal motivators for accountability, how to find intensity when you are all alone, when to give yourself the grace to scale back the intensity, and then she gives us some advice on fitness during pregnancy.

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